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Maximizing Convenience: The Best Ways to Get Around Disney World Resorts

Walt Disney World has wonderful FREE transportation options. From buses, boats, monorails, and skyliners, there’s no shortage of options. These are my go to options for getting to the parks. But, there is a time when none of these options might be the best.  

If you have a dining reservation at another resort, since the free bus transportation doesn’t go between resorts, you might be wondering how to get there.  Well, it really depends on which resort you’re starting from and which resort you want to get to. If you’re at a resort on the monorail or skyliner line and are going to another resort on the same line, it’s pretty easy to hop on and off using the free transportation option. Just give yourself enough time for potential waits or delays. If you’re going from one Epcot area resort to another, you can easily walk. What if you need to go from say Beach Club to the Polynesian? You could take the bus to Magic Kingdom then walk, take the boat or hop on the monorail. Or, if you have a park ticket to Epcot that day (or a park hopper or annual pass), head to Epcot, walk through the park, hop on the monorail, get off at the Transportation Ticket Center and either walk to the Poly or transfer to the resort monorail. Again, no shortage of free options, but give yourself A LOT of extra time for one of these plans. 

You can also Uber or Lyft there, but of course this option isn’t free. 

Let’s throw another challenge into the mix. What if your little one needs a car seat?  They are not needed on Disney transportation, even the buses, but will be needed in an Uber or Lyft vehicle. Not all Uber and Lyfts are equipped with car seats.  They need to be requested. Which means you might have to wait until one with a carseat is available.

OR, you can schedule a Minnie Van through the Lyft app. Minnie Vans always have 2 carseats available, they are driven by cast members, and can accommodate up to 6 passengers.  They run from 6:30am-12:30am (subject to change).  They are NOT free and truth be told, they will likely be more expensive than a regular Lyft. 

So why are they my go to transport when going from one resort to another?

Simply put, time and ease of use.  

  1. They are easy to schedule.

  2. They are often readily available. 

  3. It is door to door service, from the front of your resort to the front of the other resort. 

  4. They are driven by specially trained cast members who know how to install a car seat properly. 

So yes, for me, the convenience and peace of mind that my kids are properly secured in car seats and we’re going to make it to our dining reservation in time, far outweighs the added cost. There's something magical about not having to stress over transportation.

Red SUV with white polka dots - Minnie Van is a transportation option scheduled through the Lyft App, but driven by Disney Cast Members.
Minnie Van, scheduled through the Lyft App


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